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Soosanghan Pocha

Pocha is short for a “pojang macha.” Pojangmacha is a street bar built between 1950 and 60, and it has become popular because Koreans can eat anytime, anywhere. Soosanghan Pocha was made based on this Korean cart culture. Korean's favorite snacks and alcohol! Koreans love snacks and alcohol! Would you like a drink today? Cheers!

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Cheers to good times at Soosanghan Pocha! Indulge in our delectable cocktails and experience the vibrant flavors of Korea.

The story of our beginning

Soosanghan Pocha was first made in 2017 in Palisades Park, New Jersey. Starting in a small space, Soosanghan Pocha is now able to move to the largest space in the center of Korea Town, and is now a landmark of K-Town and loved by people of various races.

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We offer a full and authentic Korean cultural experience at Soosanghan Pocha - great food, drinks and karaoke.

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Korean's favorite food, snacks & alcohol!

Korean Brunch

A variety of Korean brunch soups & more!


Alcohol goes in, happiness comes out. Get your drink on at Soopo Bar!


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